December 23, 2018
YouTube Drama
The reason that I made my own website all started with YouTube copyright striking a royalty-free song I licensed. And in a round about way, YouTube did me a favor. Now, the whole point of royalty-free music is that you pay for it, then you don't get hit with copyright strikes. The appeal process is a joke as YouTube does not arbitrate, and you appeal to the company that is making the claim against you. As that song is on every video, and I had one strike already, two more would shut down the channel. I had to find another means to provide you with my skating videos.

So I created a website where I host the videos, and am building it into what I hope will one day be a social media platform for skaters. The layout will look similar to this website, but the code I am writing is completely different. It will enable you to create an account, post content, comment, talk to friends, etc. And this social media platform will go by another name, one I will let you know when I have everything properly tested and set up. Stay tuned!!

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